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We've been having a rollicking good time with our beloved Engineer and friend, Darryl Webb, at Banquet Studios over the past several months getting ours songs ready for our new CD, Angels In the Kitchen. This week we'll be at the Mastering Lab in Ojai going through the final hoops . . . with a CD release in the works sometime in the first half of April. Meanwhile we got this fun email this morning and we're taking it as a GOOD sign as we head out the door:

"Dear friends! Please allow me to introducing myself. I`m Pete Lenloy, music journalist from Vienna, Austria. I like to have "Say what you will" in my daily radio. I`m deeply touched by "Pra prababica" Great! I don`t know how many times I`ve walked over "Karlov most" at Praha. . . . Will say that audience response is great, from the first minute on. Great folk music by "TONE BENT"

Here we are playing at EarleFest along with James McMurtry, Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women and more. . . .Memories of listening to the Belleville Outfit collected in the "green" room before going onstsge, watching a video of the musical "Oklahoma" on the TV and singing along in full voice . . . a hot day and great fun . . . remember heat?

photo: Dale Godfrey (thank you!)



We recently discovered our possibly most favorite post office! It sounded so good that we kept playing, just didn't want to leave. It's in Paso Robles, CA.