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more CD notes and chord charts for songs

"Catman" chord chart and lyrics (.pdf)


For those of you who are interested, here is a list of instruments played on “Say What You Will.”

Robin played a 1952 000-18 Martin guitar on the entire CD.


I played a 2005 McIlroy A-30 on the vast majority of the CD. The guitar was built by Dermot McIlroy in Northern Ireland.

Dermot is a wonderful luthier who makes gorgeous guitars. I’m such a fan of his guitars that I just got another, an AS-30 cutaway that is a better size for me and sounds and plays fantastically. Check him out.

I also played a Taylor 814C with a slide on “Say What You Will” and without a slide in a few other spots, a 1962 Gibson J-45 on several songs including the rhythm guitar track on “Beware the Woman,” a 1998 Jim Surles Express custom electric guitar on both “Beware the Woman” and “Rubies on the Boulevard” and a 1976 Les Paul 20th Anniversary on “Rubies on the Boulevard” as well. The mandolin-sounding guitar on “Southern Sea Song” is a Hans Garret ¾ size classical guitar capoed at the 5th fret. The banjo on “Say What You Will” and “Beware the Woman” is a Deering (the Boston) 5-string banjo. I also played Robin’s Martin on “This Little Apple” which she was kind enough to lend me.